Wash your hair often enough to keep it clean


Washing your hair doesn’t bring about greater losses. It’s necessary to keep your hair in good condition and free from grease by using a frequent-use shampoo that suits your type of hair.


Use shampoos, conditioners and masks suitable for your type of hair to improve its appearance


The different hair care products available (anti-hair loss shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.) won’t stop hair loss but will make it possible to improve your hair’s appearance.




Use blow dryers at low temperatures and away from your scalp


It’s preferable to “air dry” your hair. Proper blow drying shouldn’t harm your hair, but using the dryer frequently at high temperatures and speeds and very close to your scalp can contribute to hair loss.




Brush your hair with a brush that has widely-spaced bristles and avoid hairstyles pulling the hair tight


Tight cornrows and ponytails or topknots are not recommended because they encourage hair loss.




Get a haircut regularly to improve its appearance


Trimming your hair or cutting off dead ends allows it to look better, but remember that it's not true that more hair will grow, or that it will be stronger or grow faster.



Protect your hair from the sun as well


It's advisable to protect your scalp from exposure to sunlight, as it can harm it; wear caps or hats and use UV-shielding hair products.



Take vitamin supplements like Vitacrecil Complex Forte


Taking supplements such as Vitacrecil Complex Forte is advisable, especially in periods of heavy loss (effluviums) and situations involving deficiencies: stress, weight-loss diets, convalescence, increased requirements for athletes, seasonal hair loss, postpartum hair loss, menopause and any deficiency conditions (whether nutritional or from other causes).



Follow a balanced diet and avoid stress


A balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish is important for the organism and for good-looking hair. Deficiencies in certain nutrients and stress promote hair loss.



Avoid “miracle” products


Anti-hair loss shampoos, vials and lotions can be useful to improve your hair’s appearance, but only lotions containing Minoxidil have scientifically proven their effectiveness against alopecia or hair loss.



Consult your dermatologist


The dermatologist is the specialist in trichology (the science that studies hair and its associated disorders) who will diagnose your case correctly and recommend the best steps to take, even drug therapy if necessary (such as Minoxidil lotion or Finasteride tablets).

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