That is, not all the hairs are in the same growth stage at any one time.

That hair growth is asynchronous?






About 65%-95% of its weight. The rest is water, pigments, lipids and oligoelements such as zinc, among others.






0.4 mm a day

That the main component of hair is protein?

That the “growth” of most of the hairs is...?






35 hairs a day. Of the 100,000 to 150,000 hairs a year

That the daily average of new hairs is…?






Hairs have an annual cycle with greater hair loss in the autumn, while the anagen (growth) phase rate at the beginning of spring is 90% and in the summer, it’s 80%. 

That in autumn, besides leaves, your hair also falls?






In 10 days, the average is 3.70 mm for men and 3.39 mm for women. 

That hair growth in the man is faster than in the woman?






Neither shaving nor sunlight makes hair grow thicker or more abundantly.

That in 1923 it was discovered that...?






Hair grows faster when you are from 16 to 46 years old, slowing down after you turn 50.

That growth depends on age?






That the average for male androgenetic alopecia is...?

That the average for male androgenetic alopecia is...?

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