The 30th Edition of Infarma was held in Madrid this last 8th, 9th and 10th of March. More than 25,000 pharmacy professionals were brought together with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, and Laboratorios Viñas hosted a large designer stand displaying all of the company products together for the first time.

To make the visitors the protagonists, “Viñas Experiences” were created, featuring a starring role for Vitacrecil Complex Forte.

The experience consisted of receiving a hair and nail analysis performed by a trichology-trained pharmaceutical professional.

Diagnosing the visitors’ condition involved an optical microscope adapted to capture highly magnified photographs of their hair and nails. Using specialised software to display the images, the trichology expert then interpreted them.

In addition to having the microscope analysis, the visitors filled in a brief questionnaire to help the professional determine their capillary disorder and gather further information for appropriate advice and more personalised recommendations.

In each case, the experience included a recommendation as to the type of product that would best suit the guest’s needs (shampoo as an aid in the treatment with vitamin complements, oligoelements, amino acids, vitamins, etc.). The advice emphasised the properties and benefits of the essential factors in hair treatment.

It was a very beneficial interactive session both for the healthcare professionals attending and for Laboratorios Viñas, who continued their commitment to training and service for pharmacists through Vitacrecil Complex Forte.

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